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discharge is watery, Very strong smell from vagina

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I had a LEEP procedure done in November 2011 and eversince have had a very strong smell along with discharge. The discharge is watery most days, it feels like I urinated or starting my period but it will be just the discharge (I guess, I am not sure if I suffer from incontinence, I know a lot of women do leak, I am just not sure how to tell the difference). The smell is horrid, it is not fishy and I can't really describe it, it is worse than a musty scent. I have been to my gyno countless times over it, he says there is nothing wrong, no infections or anything. I have not been sexually active for a few years now so that was ruled out. I don't like standing near people because I am afraid they can smell me. I do not even attempt to date, I started seeing someone before the LEEP and ended up not seeing him anymore for fear if we took the next step he would be sickened by it. The discharge is so bad at times I have to wear pads instead of panty liners to keep dry, and this is causing other issues, the chafing of the pads are starting to make little welts on my skin. Can someone please suggest something, should I switch doctors, take some herbal remedies, or am I just destined to be an unsolve case forever? This is really ruining my life, I am so depressed and my confidence is negative 1000, I always try to stand away from everyone, even my own kids. Please help!
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replied April 27th, 2012
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I suggest you ask to be referred to a specialist since she cannot find the cause. At the very least get a second opinion from another doctor. And do not try to clean up beforeseeing the doctor, If they donotsmell it, it is as if it is not hppening.

Best of luck!
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