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discharge from nipple piercing

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I got my nipples pierced about 10 months ago. I cleaned them two times daily but experienced discharge regularly. Needless to say, after having them in for only about a month, I took them out. I have had a hard time since then with one of the holes continuing to secrete a white discharge. If I squeeze my left nipple at the "12" and "6" o clock locations, something comes out pretty much every day (however, I have not had any pain or soreness). Though my right piercing is completely closed, it does feel like a bit "thick", and I am pretty sure that if there were an opening, it would do the same thing. I would really prefer not to have to deal with this forever and seeing that it has been 9 months now, I am getting a bit concerned. So, should I be seeing a Dr. about it? Is there any type of medicine that would stop it? I guess I just want to make sure that there isn't any potential harm it can cause.
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replied October 28th, 2008
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Have you seen a doctor about this yet? It sounds like an infection. Did you try antibiotic creams? Here is an interesting website about piercings and tattoos that may provide you with some information: gandtattoos.html#cat42

I hope it is helpful.
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