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discharge, back pain, stomach cramps, urinate more often...

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my guy friend and i had sex two weeks ago. he was in my vagina for a few mins then used the pull out method. but then when he was finished he stayed inside me and didnt pull out for a while. it was very wet and warm. so i know he cummed again. but can I be prego?? I have irregualer periods and i have itching,clear discharge, back pain, stomach cramps, urinate more often.
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replied June 13th, 2011
you could be ure symptoms coold be alot ov things , itchin coold be with a soap powder u use to wash ure clothes yeastinfection try cream from the chemist or doctors . and maby uve drunk more than u ushually do? but to be on the safe side id take a pregnancy test chick Smile , itll put ure mind at ease x
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