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Discharge and white bumps on labia

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Hi, I'm 18 and NOT a virgin, but please take note that everything I'm going to describe was the same when I was one as it is now.
Several things I was wondering about. First of all I've never been to a specialist (I know I should go =/ nervous), but I was put on birth control at around age 14 or 15, because I had really heavy, too-often periods. Then, when I started having sex I stayed on it. The reason I'm telling you about the birth control thing is I've always had a lot of discharge, literally ever since I can remember. And it's always been whitish, and it does have a scent, but I wouldn't say it smells bad. Is that normal or does the pill affect discharge?

And also... I have these lil white bumps on my inner labia that look really weird, but the thing is they've been there forever as well. It isn't as if they suddenly appeared after I had sex, and they never go away and then come back either. They're just always there. Also, what is the inside of a vagina supposed to feel like?
I mean.. Mine feels weird, to me.

Sorry for weird questions, I've just never really talked to anyone about this. Thanks for any help.
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