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discharge and early bleeding , what it looks like ?

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What does idsscharge look like ? Please help
Red , vibrant OR DARK BROWN ?
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Hi everyone ..Please please help me ...

I was supposed to have my Period on the 25th of September 2011 , It is now 29th September 2011 so that was 4-5 days ago . We have been trying for a baby since 01.08.2011 almost 2 months ago . This is the first time i have ever been late. I have had several Signs of pregancy along with ALLOT of cramping lol:- wanting more food . tierdness and sore breasts. Today when i went to the toilet and whipped ( so sorry for the TMI giggle ) it showed a dark brown sticky disscharge with a small ammount of red blood ( not vibrant) but not brown eaither. I checked again in a hour and i had the same dark brown sticky consistancy ? NO red though this time . ?? is this pregnancy early ? and normal. How are we meant to know what disscharge looks like ? It was just really thick and looked like something you would have in chest had you been Smoking hope that makes sence lol ...In other words yunkie Tar consistancy ? ? if that made sence ? .. Please help i am really worried ..Done a test Yesturday it was negatie ? but could it be too early yet for the HTC levels to show ...Im from SOUTH WALES ...UNITED KINGDOM Smile .thanks and i am 25 x gosign
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