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Discharge after ovulation?

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I read that after ovulation you are supposed to "dry up". Well after this ovulation, I have noticed a significant amount of this clear/white liquid discharge. Everything that I read keeps saying this could be a sign of early pregnancy. I only had sex one time, and it was a day or two after my supposed ovulation. Plus it was with a condom. I am really stressing out over this discharge. It seems like more than what I normally have. Am I over-reacting, or could I indeed be pregnant? HELP.
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replied November 6th, 2009
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Your hormones (and cycle) can get messed up some cycles. Your body is not a computer program that will give the same results every time every cycle but a living system that interacts with its environment and can change and react.

Is there a chance it can be an infection (smelly or chunky discharge)?
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