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disc bulge l3-s1

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sir i am affected from a problem of disc bulge in the section l3-s1
i am 23 years old
can you send me some treatment that made in home
i am fat too i want to reduce my weight i cant go walking what should i do for that?
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replied March 1st, 2012
Active User, very eHealthy
Without knowing which way the discs are bulging (they usually bulge towards the back) I would suggest for starters (Do a Google search for full descriptions)

1) "Static back position"
- You will see one picture where the person is squeezing a yoga block between their knees. this is a GOOD way to balance out your hip muscles too.
- Or you can wrap a belt of Yoga strap around your legs just above your knees. Press outwards against the strap to work your hip muscles.

2) "Static extension on elbows"
- If you have a big stomach, you may already have too much of an arch in your lower back so this would not be appropriate for you.

3) "Progressive groin stretch"
- or another type of stretch for your "Hip flexors" like the "Kneeling lunge stretch"

I am fat too i want to reduce my weight i cant go walking what should i do for that?

Can you walk at all? Even 5 minutes is a start.
To reduce your weight, every time you are hungry do some type of exercise - deep knee bends, walk, bench press for a few minutes- and see if your hunger goes away. then you know it is not REAL hunger.
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