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I am a 24 year old female in good health, yet extremely bad luck when it comes to accidental injuries.

I was recently released from the hospital from a cat bite to the right index finger that got infected and needed to be drained surgically. I was given dilaudid (hydromorphone) IV initially 1mg q4h. After my procedure the pain obviously increased so they upped my dosage of dilaudid to 2 mg IV q4h with 2 vicodin tabs (I am not sure of the concentration) PO q4h. This relieved the pain but it was only lasting about 2-3hrs. So they increased the frequency of the dilaudid to 2mg IV q2h with vicodin (2Tabs) PO q4hrs. This lasted about 3 days and seemed to control the pain well. After 5 days of being hospitalized and 4 days post-op I was discharged. However, they never decreased my amount or frequency of the dilaudid until the morning of my discharge so about 5 hours off of IV dilaudid and then I was given 4mg dilaudid tabs q2h before I was actually released. They sent me home with an Rx for 4mg Dilaudid q2-4h PRN. I only took 1 later that night and did not take any the following day. The whole day I was having flu like symptoms, cold sweats, goosebumps (not cold-related), yawning, runny eyes and nose, and depression.
After researching it somewhat (and I really try not to believe everything I see on the internet when it comes to medical advise), I saw that these symptoms were very normal with Dilaudid withdrawals. It has been 48 hours since I took a dilaudid 4mg tab. (I had only taken two tablets total since I was released). I am still getting the cold sweats, goosebumps, yawning, runny eyes and nose symptoms, but have now experience some sort of restless leg symptoms along with horrible nightmares that cause me to wake up screaming and hearing things. I am also experiencing frequent diarrhea (which could be most likely caused by the Clindamycin and Levaquin that I'm on), nausea, and decreased appetite. I have been out of the hospital for 3 days now, and am still experiencing these symptoms.

Could this be because I should have been weaned off of the dilaudid earlier in my stay? Or is this normal and should subside in a week or so?

I am also currently on:
Adderal 10mg PRN
Celexa 40mg SID
Levaquin 500mg SID
Clindamycin 450mg TID

Thanks for any information! I greatly appreciate it!

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