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Dilation of the Inguinal Ring

Hello. I really need some help. I've had hernia repair on my left side. Lately I've been feeling discomfort in the right region, the opposite side of the repaired hernia. I went to the doctor for a routine post-surgery check-up and asked her to take a look at my right side. She said that the ring is dilated, but that there is no hernia.

Doctors around here don't have that much time to cater to patients' questions, but what I basically gathered from the little information she bestowed on me is that there is a hole just waiting for my bowel to go through it.

My question to those knowledgeable on this subject is whether I can do exercises to strengthen my abdominal wall and in that way tighten the hole? I know that is impossible with a hernia--and that surgery is the only option--but considering I don't have a hernia yet, can it be done with exercise?

Thank you very much in advance for any and all help you are able to provide.
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