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dihareah- pooing what looks like yellow spider webs.

Help I feel like crying but I cant, I cant make any rational sense of what I want to do and what makes me happy. All I can feel is this terrible stomach pain; it feels like gnawing in my stomach. i've been through a very stressful bout and I knew in the back of my mind I was going to screw myself over but I did it anyways. I don't understand why its like I put myself in bad situations just to come over them and see if I can handle them. I feel like I cant recover from my situation. Lets just say im stuck for a lot of money. I cant seem to find the fight in me to attack my problems, because it seems like if I have no problems I just get lazy and depressed anyways!

As you can see I have mental health issues.
But my stomach is bothering me a lot more as well.
I have constant dihareah and I am pooing out what looks like yellow spider webs. My whole day now consists of barely awaking in the morning with a depressed feeling and pain in my stomach. I sit on the toilet and have 2-3 cigarettes just to fully empty my stomach, than I go back to bed feeling like im dead or is dieing. Awake 2 hours later and poo out more liquidy yellow stuff. And it keeps going, I only have a little bit of relief at night because I know I can go to sleep soon. But im depressed because the next day its the same thing all over again!! Throughout the day I feel like my stomach is bloated. I don't feel like eating, I feel severely depressed and it comes in waves of horribly depressed to minor to maybe theres hope and its a constant loop!! Im always trying to distract myself to get some relief but the pain is constant. I feel like im suffering really badly and theres non stop stress in my life. My mind just doesn't seem to want to feel happy strong and confident anymore =(.

I have done tests such as ultra sound, checked for ulcers, and did a barium scan. The only thing the doctor said was I have a small blood clot on my liver. Which he appeared to shrug off and say I have one too. So I said this guys crazy and went to another doctor in which he said I have a bacterial infection in my lower intestine and he gave me metronidazole. I went on it for 3 days and than stopped because my head felt like it was going to explode. But than last night I couldn't sleep for hours because my lower right side of my stomach, under my right rib cage and above my right hip, felt as if there was a deep pain. Like a balloon feeling with suttle sharp pains shooting. It felt like a lot of trapped gas and I finally released it after squeezing and pushing all over my stomach. I passed the gas and felt extremely tired again and out of it so I went to bed. Woke up the next day and its the same story. Plz someone give me some insight I feel like my life is over and is not worth fighting to get better. I know that sounds suicidal I don't believe I am but it just feels like an easy release of my pain at this moment. Anyone else have a similar story

These are my symptoms:

-Extreme anxiety
-Panic attacks
-Stomach pain
-Oily yellow discharge that looks like spider webs very silky,
wet and stringy looking. (disguisting I know. I have done parasite tests came back negative)
-Extreme fatigue
-Loss of sex drive
-Loss of interest in daily activities
-Loss feeling of self worth and achievement
-Detached, unreal feeling.
-Feel like sleeping 24/7. Kind of hoping to not wake up.
-Extreme gas. Constant burping even though I haven't eaten or drank anything.
-Painful bowel movement that seems to never empty
-I feel like im dying
-Sometimes feel like puking but never have.

These symptoms have been going on for about 6 months now. I know that's a lot to take in but I really need some help I feel like I cant do ANYTHING right now =(.
Im a good person and I try to make others happy but its hard and saddening when I cant do that for myself at the moment. help plz
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replied December 9th, 2014
This is legit SPOT ON for my symptoms as well. I've done quite a few tests going in and out of the hospital and yet they always say i'm fine. Please get back to me on this post if they found a solution that worked for you, cause at this point i'm ready to just jump off a building.
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