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Diffuse thickening of gallbladder wall

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4 months ago i had pain upper right quadrant and side/ ultrasound showed distended gallbladder and coarse parachyma of liver )I DO NOT DRINK). also have IBSc with lower right quadrant pain for 2 years.

had a diagnostic laparoscopy for lower right quadrant pain (Urogyno) who said a bit of scarring at tip of liver over gallbladder. two days later I ended up in the hospital, could not take a deep breath in -hurt under right ribcage.. catscan showed diffuse thickening of gallbladder wall and some fluid. also slight pneumonia.
hida test OK, liver enymes OK, no hepatitis, no stones. bottom line surgeon said it is complex because things didn't add up and said if it were him, he would take the gallbladder out because it is abnormal. still have pressure and a dull ache under right ribcage. so not sure where to go after all this testing. my primary care doc says wait a month and do another US, maybe it was inflammation. By the way, the UROGYN said my appendix was a bit abnormal but nothing life threatening. the middle section was a bit dry and inflamed...

i am terrified i have gallbladder cancer..i don't know what the correlation is between a diffuse thick gallbladder wall, no stones, no liver enzyme elevations and the chance of cancer.
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replied March 12th, 2010
I have been doing some research and have come up with connections between vitamin d, gallbladder, melatonin and calcium. Some of the connections between calcium and the gallbladder are: Limy bile, porcelain gallbladder, UV exposure and incidence of gallstones and mixed-type gallstones. It is my belief that the gallbladder plays a very important role in the body to do with calcium metabolism/buffering/regulation.
Try a magnesium only supplement and start at low doses. It should take several days if it's going to work for you.
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