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diffuse disc bulge and Annular tear

I am in pain from last few months and just now performed the MRI of the Lumber Spine. I have recieved the report, however I am unable to understand the report.

Here is what report says, please explain what this menas to me. Thank you.

Lumrosacral spine was studies with 4mm thin slices. T1 and T2 weighted images were obtained in sagittal plane and axial plane through the intervertebral discs. T2 weighted who spine screening was also performed.

There is seen straightening of lumber spine. the lumber vertebrae reveal normal marrow signal intensity. The L4-5 and L5-S1 intervertebral discs are of low intensity on T2 weighted imgaes signifying degeneration. The other discs reveal normal signal intensity on T2 weighted images. Diffuse disc bulge of L4-5 disc is notes causing mild thecal sac indentation and bilateral foraminal compromise. Annular tear with posterior central protrusion of L5-S1disc is identified causing thecal sac indentation. No other disc bulde is noted. The facet joints are unremarkable. The cord is of normal signal intensity. No abnormality is detected in the conus medullaris. A perinerural cyst is seen on the left side it S2 level. No abnormal pre or para vertebral soft tissue is seen. The antero-posterior dimensions of the bony lumber canal are 2.26cm at L1, 2.27 cm at L2, 2.07 cm at L3, 1.96cm at L4 and 1.88cm at L5, The thecal sac areas at various lumber disc levels are at L1-2, at L2-3, 1.87 at L3-4, at L4-5 and at L5-S1 levels.
T2 weighted whole spine screening reveals straightening of the cervical spine with mild disc bulge/protrusions at C3-4 and C4-5 levels.

Impression -
1. Straightening of lumber spine
2. Diffuse disc bulge of disc causing mild thecal sac indentation and bilateral foraminal compromise.
3.Annular tear with posterior central prostrusion of L5-S1 disc causing thecal sac indentation.
4. Perineural cyst at S2 level on the left side
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First Helper utley

replied April 14th, 2009
disc bulge with annular tear
I have severe pain on left side of lower back especially while walking. The mri shows dfuse disc bulge with left neural foramina narrowing and an annular tear at this level :5 to S1 I a;sp at L4 to L5 diffse disc bulge with ligamantum flavum hypertrophy. Increased signaal on stir weighted seq. of facet joints left greater tha right, consistent with worsening synovitis
I had a bad fall and also have a t10 compression fracture deformity. It has been 5 weeks I have used bracing but it seems to make my l5 s1 area hurt even more. Will this repair in time I am 69 and have osteoperosis. Please write me.
Please Please I have been to doctors and have had an epidural which I was told would not help and it did not
Help Me I am alone and scarred of surgery
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replied June 5th, 2010
Mri-report reveals l4-l5 disc shows annular tear and diffuse posterior herniation narrowing the spinal canal and compressing the thecal sac and abutting nerve roots.l3-l4 disc shows annular tear and diffuse posterior herniation.what is the treatment?
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replied August 7th, 2010
Your feelings are valid however, remain calm and know that God is in charge of all situations. I'm facing surgery as well with many complications. I have pain generating from my lower right side on down to my toes and at times I feel so depressed knowing the powerless situation I'm in, however, there's help on the way! Just reach out and talk to someone who is positive and understanding of your situation and I too will keep you in prayer. Have a brave heart.
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