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difficulty urinating after prolasped bladder & hysterectomy

I had surgery in January for a prolasped bladder & hysterectomy. The mesh that was used to position my bladder was too close to my rectum and was creating pain when I sat. In April, the doctor had to remove the mesh and reposition everything. However, it was not done vaginally as the first surgery. The doctor had to cut me to remove the anchors that were used. I am having a difficult time urinating. I have to push so hard that sometimes, I have a bowel movement. The doctor tells me that is normal. I have a UTI and took antibotics. A couple of hours before I took the last pill (dose), I went to the bathroom and could hardly urinate and it burned. I also felt a lot of pressure. It seems that when I push to urinate I aggerviate my rectum. I also been experiencing poking type pain and pressure in my rectum. The doctor tells me that is normal and the pain and difficulty urinating will probably last for about a year. I find that hard to believe.... a year of being miserable. I believe I have another UTI.
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replied May 12th, 2010
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Hi Miserables53 and welcome to ehealth:...I have heard of this happening before...My best advice would be to drink enough water so that you urinate freely...If you are having burning maybe add some cranberry juice to it...If I were you I would not worry about it...Try to relax your mind and possibly this will follow through to your Urethra...This is where you are having the trouble...The bladder and this functional part of you have to work together...If I am not correct, it feels like part of your inner urethra, doesn't want to let go...Try not to think of it...Relax...Wait it out...Don't push yourself....Take care...

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replied June 18th, 2010
I had these surgeries in november. The put me on a blue pill called proced that really helped the uti feeling. They actaully said to stop with the cranberry juice and just drink water ( something I had never heard) because my uriter was so irritated and the cranbery being so acidic did not help.
I went into the office and they re-catheritized me a couple times before I could finally go easily myself. By end of 2 months I could pee pretty well on my own. Not sure how long since your most recent surgery.
I still do have plenty of other pain - actually can't sit right now as I type because pain is so bad in my gut. I have a theory that my pain is worse before bowel movement - maybe weight presses on the mesh sling . . . ? not really sure. But I manage with mostly over the counter pain meds and only one trip all the way back to vicodine.

Hang in there - and check on the proced. It was a god send.
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