I am 21 year old male. The problem is I can not concentrate for some reason. At work I often enough can't think/understand things through out and forget what I was doing in a middle of something, which often leads to very embarrassing negligence/carelessness/floppiness mistakes. I also very easily forget things, sometimes things pass right through my head. At times I have difficulty figuring out something simple, as if my brain jammed.

For example I may be going to the store, but then very easily take a wrong turn, trusting reflexes instead.

Other than that I feel a bit foggy, a bit drunk and a bit restless all the time not necessarily tired though. Also my vision is a bit buggy. I feel like I have to really "open and concentrate" my eyes to see properly. Often enough I see things incorrectly, if this makes any sense to you.

Not to confuse all this with stupidity, I am not really dumb though my brains seems a bit slow lately. I don't remember this being such a problem in the past. I have been called careless professor before, but difference is those were things I didn't even try concentrating on task that I didn't care about.

I have history of depression, though never saw a doc about it. Other than that I thought that just maybe all this could be because I usually sleep 2 times a day...

Ideas and solutions are warmly welcomed!
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replied May 11th, 2012
i'm the same i think you're fatigued with your depression. it slows everything down and makes you think and act slower. i also forget what i'm doing in the middle of it or just doing something very slowly because i have no motivation. i sleep like 12 hrs a day on my days off and i even take naps those days too. it's not so much being tired or stupid it's just that you're feeling slowed down all the time.
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