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difficulty breathing worse than the usual asthma

To start out with, I'm a 20 year old male of mixed euro/middle eastern descent who is currently unemployed. I am asthmatic and have been smoking for the better part of 10 years(I recently have kicked the habit).

Roughly a month ago I noticed a decline in my breathing, more so then the occasional asthma flare up. I've been having nearly constant shortness of breath accompanied by chest tightness and far more phlegm than usual, and I'm not sure if this is a sympton or just coinsidence but I have also been rather depressed lately.

I want to think this is just asthma acting up more often due to allergies as southern California did have many late rains this season and the plant life where I live is currently very lively, but I can't get this paranoia out of my head that it may be something worse, what with the starting to smoke at the age of 10 and all...

EDIT: I used to take albuterol for my asthma but due to money problems in the past 3ish years I've been using something called primatene mist which is some sort of epinephrine aerosol concoction.
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replied June 25th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
the primatine is just adenaline and is not worth much for u, if u can go to a public health clinic do so
if u have parents or others turn to them
if not and u r on your own; u can buy bronchial dialaters w/o a prescription on the net and at a fraction of the drug store cost;
if u live near Mexico border; u can buy in a drugstore with out rx. Mexico is not a great place today but at the border u can get on the BIG RED BUS it will take u downtown Tijuana where u can find multiple drug stores and get back on the BIG RED BUS over the border and back home
it does not need be albuterol, there r several brands but the FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE is actually corticosteriods usually mixed with bronchial dialators such as Advair, foracort etc. and the Pharmacist will know what u want in Mexico.
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