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I have been struggling wit weight for years and before I get the general advice, Yes, I have and or am:

1) Go to Gym 2 times a week

2) been do nutritionist off and on for years
(she is at a loss, since I'm doing everything she suggested aka proper diet and exercise)

3) Did a 3 day fitness trial given to me from my doctor. Trainer stated that he tried to push me to a breaking point and find my limit when it came to cardio, with no avail. His only suggestion to loose weight was to focus on free weights.

Now, Initially my doctor prescribed a weight loss aid (stimulant) that I told him from the start was a bad idea - but he didnt listen. Two days after taking it, the diet pills (which was in the topiramate family) caused severe depression and suicidal tendencies. The next medication he prescribed was Phentermine for appetite suppressant/weight loss. That pill seemed to work the first week but shortly after, I had averse side effects which not only causes more depression but doesnt help me loose weight at all. Upon taking the pill I suffer from a massive Crash after 4 hours of taking - which barely gets me through work. Then when getting home in the afternoon. Upon which, I fall asleep, to a point it feels forced. By the time, i wake up its 10pm or later. Sleeping the day away not only causes depression but defeats the purpose of losing weight. Its very frustrating, when you want to do something after work but just fall asleep.

Please, can someone recommend a Weight Loss Pill that isnt Phentermine nor is in the Topiramate family. Additionally, the "As seen on TV" weight loss pills like lipozine dont work for me and cause heart strain.
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replied August 22nd, 2016
Those who struggle with their weight, even after exercising regularly and having a clean and healthy diet often have a thyroid issue. 'Because patients with an underactive thyroid tend to have a very low basal metabolic rate, one of the most noticeable symptoms of hypothyroidism is weight gain and difficulty losing extra weight'. - having your thyroid levels checked might be of some help. Also, google 'underactive thyroid before and after' the images and stories of these people are incredible... this is just a suggestion i am in no way a professional.
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