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Diet Tricks - 5 green, which, you must not give up when you lose weight.

When we are in diet we should not give up some food. Dietitians recommended that while you are in the diet, you should use this 5 important green food at breakfast and dinner. Those important greens are the part of 5 diet tricks. Here is important green:

Parsley: “What is the most popular effective edema remover vegetables? I think the first place will take parsley. In terms of vitamin C, also very rich. The content of vitamins E and K have got the cells rejuvenating properties. A friend of intestinal. If you have too many edema problems, it is advisable to use from parleys urine removal advantage. Pay attention to eating parsley, not to use its water. Especially for breakfast in the morning if you will use half ties of parley with plenty of lemons, you will easily lose weight. As you know to lost weight without giving harm to your immunity the main 5 diet tricks.
Dill: An appetite suppressant. Full of Vitamin C and E. As you know this Vitamins very important for youth and immunity. You can use it in your salads and vegetable dishes and snacks. During weight loosing process use it in yogurt as appetite control.
Arugula: It provides saturation with the essences contains in it. Because the water content is quite high, it stabilizes the circulation and facilitates urine production. Like parsley, arugula makes it easier to lower swelling. In winter instead of tomato and cucumber salad, you may use arugula salad complacency. Even sometimes you may combine it with curd cheese and pomegranate juice and serve as a single meal.
Mint: Friend vegetable of our stomach and intestine is mint. It facilitates digestion. Gives refreshment with its smell. It has an in-mouth cleaning function, opens battle against bacteria and microbes. Dry mint tea is useful for a cold.
Watercress: Let watercress make joyful your dinner table with its bitter taste. As you can eat with lemon juice on it, also recommend you use it in salads too! You can also get a separate flavor from watercress salads and walnuts. But do not put more than three walnuts in one person! You can not even believe how much satiated you will feel!
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