My mother is diabetic and she has really gone downhill in the past 4 years. She is losing her eyesight and so far doctors have been unable to perform any eye-saving procedure as her sugar level cannot be lowered.

She suffers from severe headache which was originally attributed to being given the wrong dosage of her diabetes medication, but this has been corrected and yet she has had episodes of this headache again.

Does anyone have any experience to share or any advice on this type of headache linked to sight loss and diabetes?

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replied April 11th, 2008
Long term complication from diabetes
One of the long-term micro-vascular complications of diabetes is diabetic retinopathy.

It can be prevented (or delayed) by controlling the glucose level in its optimal range.

How high is your mother's blood glucose level and how is your mother trying to regulate her diabetes - with insulin or anti-diabetic pills?

Has she ever had any treatment for diabetic retinopathy?

Headache is a too general symptom and can be due to many conditions.

Does your mother have any other disorders beside diabetes?
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replied April 12th, 2008
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why can't they lower her blood sugar?
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