Well iim sooooo scared I'm 16 years old and I think I have some type of STD or something. I'm gettin worried because a couple things like one when im not on my period I have a discaraged which is whiteish yellowish sometimes it use to be everyday but now its just sometimes . . .. another thing is well the last couple times I had sex when the guy stuck it in a certain way or when I was in a certain postion it hurts reallly bad like a sharp pain in a certain stop and near where I would usually get cramps and im really worried , & alsoo my period has been really light . . . Pleaseee helpppp .
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replied June 24th, 2009
Firstly, don't stress. That discharge sounds normal as long as it isn't smelly or bloody.

Secondly, it sounds as though you are having sex at an odd angle that might be hitting your cervix or something else.

Thirdly, PLEASE USE CONDOMS. At 16 years old, you could potentially ruin your life if you get an STD that is life threatening. You also don't want the added stress of a pregnancy.

Look after yourself and make sure you communicate the pain to your boyfriend when you're having sex.

Remember also to go and see a Dr if you are in doubt with anything you are feeling
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