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didnt notice there is cut in my finger

Hello Doctor,

On 7th Nov 2011 i have only fingered a sex worker but not verginal sex and i didnt notice there is cut in my finger. After few days i have noticed a swollen nodes, rashes in my faces and weight loss etc... On 27ht Nov i done a PCR DNA testing (i.e 23rd day) it was negatvie. Then i have done a Sandwich elisa test (Hiv 1 &2) on 90th Day, which is also negative.Could you please tell me still i need to take elisa test at 6 month period?

Still i feel a the node in my righ side which is make me more anxity in my hiv status. Please suggest can i take hiv test at 6 months completion and that would be accurate?
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replied May 2nd, 2012
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hi there
According to the test you are negative, according to new guide line test after 90 days conclusive ,So no need for further tests,remind that there are a lot of infection that cause lymph node swelling rash weight loss....etc
so see your doctor and don't think about HIV any more.
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