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did not use a condom, then i put it on...

my girlfriend gave me head the other day,and then i came but after 30 min later we had sex but the first 20 seconds i did not use a condom, then i put it on after 30 seconds. is it possible to have had cum left in my penis tip after getting head and the cum have gone in her vagina to get her pregnant? i mean i wiped clean to but im pretty scared for us. i have been stressing out so much
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replied March 1st, 2012
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Possible but highly unlikely.

If she is on the pill, you have about a one in a billion chance of being pregnant as long as she takes them according to the instructions.

If she isn't, there is a chance...but again, it is so very unlikely and not worth worrying about.

If she is late or misses her period have her take a pregnancy test at home the day or so after she misses. And maybe a second one a week later if you feel like it. But again, it's highly unlikely you would need to do this.

Good luck.
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