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Did my mix of Rxs and Caffeine cause this extreme anxiety attack

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Last night I had a really weird anxiety like reaction. I got really shakey, dizzy and light-headed. My vision blurred and my pulse was over 110 for about 15 minutes and I couldn't breathe.

I'm a college student and this is finals week. I took my regular low dose SR Adderall with my anxiety medication Klonapin that I take 2-3 times daily. To stay up studying I also had some caffeinated soda. When this all started, I used my inhaler that usually helps when I get some of these symptoms. I'm not sure if it was the inhaler or just a coincidence that it started getting much worse after that. It took over half an hour for some of the symptoms to subside, but I was really concerned they wouldn't.

My question is, what of that mix, did I do wrong or mess up on? Also, at what point do I honestly need medical attention?
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replied May 11th, 2012
I used to have terrible panic attacks, almost every day, and I could not drink ANY caffeine because it caused my heart rate to go up and then a panic attack. Although, I can't tell you if it had to do with the combination of things, I can tell you caffeine always makes anxiety worse, and panic attacks can happen out of nowhere, with no warning, when you don't even expect it, because of underlying stress (aka your finals could've been causing you anxiety). So I suggest staying away form too much caffeine. Good Luck (:
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