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Hi there,
I was just kind of messing around with myself, not really seriously, and after a few seconds it felt like I really had to pee and I got kind of wet/tense. Nothing else really happened, I just stopped messing around, but did I have an orgasm? What do you think?
I really hope that wasn't my first because that'd be really lame :/

Please give me some hope that I didn't orgasm. Maybe I just got close? I'm really freaking out.
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replied March 2nd, 2012
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No, you did not have an orgasm.

An orgasm is a release of the incredible tension that builds up in your pelvis during continued stimulation. You are describing getting tense. That tenseness will keep on building and building and building until your body release the tension with an orgasm. Some woman report suddenly getting very warm down there and the heat radiating out from there. However you experience it, it will be very pleasurable and have rhythmic contractions of muscles in your genitals.

Do not expect too much the first few times. It gets better. The first few times can be awkward and very light. The way to increase the pleasure is to keep yourself aroused and masturbating for longer periods of time. Steadily build the tension, or get close to orgasm and stop a bit and start again. Do that a few times until you cannot stand it any more.

Practice makes perfect! Best of luck.
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