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Did I miscarry? Implantation low in the uterus...heavy bleeding

I started bleeding Heavily Thursday morning and bleed fairly heavy until that evening then the bleeding slacked off. For the next 2 days I spotted lightly, just enough that when I wipped it was pink. I completely stopped bleeding on Sunday but still have pain in my stomach and back. I didn shrug 't pass any clots or tissue at any time while I bleed. Does this still mean I miscarried since I only bleed for about 24hrs or do you think the baby is ok? I have been to the doc for an ultrasound and blood work and had repeated blood work today, mon. Will know the results Wed. This is torchering me. I need someone to be honest with me and tell me what my chances are. When I had the ultrasound the doc said that the egg implanted low in the uterus and that i had a 50/50 chance of carrying full term. This is devistating. Please let me know what you think soon. I am worrying myself to death.
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