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Did I miscarry? Could it have affected my future fertility

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When I was 15, for about three months I thought I was pregnant. I couldn't stop urinating, I felt sick, so very very tired, my breasts were tender and probably most importantly there was something inside me which made think I was pregnant. It's like I new I was. I took three tests which were all negative and went on the pill. Then after three months I was having my period and it was like no other pain I had felt before and really bad cramp I was almost in tears and the bottom of my bits really hurt. When I went to the toilet I saw something that was about the size of my hand and was light at one end and dark at the other and looked just like a placenta. My mum took me to family planning who dismissed it on another negative pregnancy test. Was this a miscarriage? And could this explain why I haven't fallen pregnant since?
Thanks I know I have babbeled on
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replied August 6th, 2010
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sophieeee, Of course many things are possible but it does not sound like you were pregnant. Every once in a while (and who knows why) a woman's uterus lining will come off as this large piece during menstruation. It can be scary and painful, but it happens.

Have you seen an ObGyn?

Best of luck TTC!
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