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Did I just gain a little weight?

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Alright so...since around Christmas I have been feeling bloated and chubby. No matter what I eat it has made my stomach puff out a lot farther than a normal amount of food usually would. It really is getting on my nerves and making me self-conscious because it happened out of nowhere and I've always been pretty skinny so it's just bothering me a lot that my stomach puffs out and no amount of sucking in or eating healthy is fixing it. On Christmas day I ate a lot of junk, like chocolate and pepperoni bread and a big breakfast and lunch but one meal definitely didn't contribute to me feeling and looking bloated for weeks. I felt it before Christmas, as well.
Most times before I started feeling and looking bloated, I'd go to the bathroom and my flat tummy would return. It would also be flat when I woke up in the morning, and obviously when I ate it wouldn't be perfectly flat anymore. The puffiness I'm talking about is more than that, it's really round and distended and I really hate it. I've tried to avoid eating, then I tried eating recommended foods and drinks for bloated. I started taking a pro-biotic and eating a lot of yogurt, oats, and drinking chamomile tea. It's not as bloated, but my stomach is still not as flat as it was a couple weeks ago in the morning or after using the bathroom (sorry for that).

Do you think I just gained a little bit of weight in my stomach area? I've been working out the last few days because I really don't like this. Is there anything I can do, I mean I'm eating the same food I always ate and am even cutting out things like chocolate and cookies at school. Gosh it's just frustrating and I want my tummy back.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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