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Did I fracture, bruise, etc.. My forearm bone (radial)??

Could somebody give me their opinion and best possible diagnosis of my wrist/forearm without an x-ray. I play college baseball as a pitcher and today at practice, while I was pitching, the hitter hit a very hard line drive at me. Unable to avoid collision with the baseball, it hit me on the inside of my forearm bone closer to the wrist (I believe on the radial bone). I have quite pronounced swelling on my forearm, but not across the length of the radial bone. Rather, it starts at the base of the radial bone and then swelling extends across the (I believe) extensor pollicis longus muscle. The majority of the pain is on the base of the radial bone where the swelling begins. The bone does not seem to be displaced in any visible way. I have pictures of my arm that I would like to post but i dont know how or if i can, but if you would be willing to take a look then let me know!

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replied April 1st, 2014
Especially eHealthy

The EPL muscle is on the dorsal side of the forearm (the back of the hand/wrist). The radius ends at the base of the thumb, while the ulna (the other forearm bone) ends on the small finger side of the wrist/forearm. So, when the forearm is held with the palm facing forward, the two forearm bones are parallel. When the hand is turned over, so the palm is facing down, the forearm bones now cross over each other. "Anatomical position" is shown with the hands at the sides of the body, with the palms facing forward. Just so we all have the anatomy correct.

Now, as to the possibility of a fracture, the hallmark symptom of a fracture is acute point tenderness directly over the site of the fracture. Diffuse, generalized pain ("it hurts all over") usually does not indicate a fracture.

If you have acute pain in one spot (basically the size of your finger tip), directly on the radius, you may have a fracture. The only way to know for sure is to have an x-ray done.

Being able to move does not mean a whole lot. Many patients with fractures can still move the injured part. It is mainly up to the patient's pain tolerance.

If you are concerned about the possibility of a fracture, you should see someone for an exam and x-ray.

Hope you are doing well. Good luck.

As to posting pictures, there is a way to do it. Instructions are on the website. Use the search engine at the top/right of this page. If you still cannot figure out how to do it, go to the bottom of the page and use the "contact us" button. The administration is ready to help you with any problems you may be having with the website.

Good luck.
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