My girlfriend and I met online and dated for about 8 months. About 4 months in I was trying to cancel my subscription and noticed her profile actively online. I gave her the benefit of the doubt the first time but checked back a week later to see again her profile was online. Fearing that she was searching around, I uploaded a new photo to my profile in the case I would need to join the online dating market again. Anyway after I did this I confronted her about her activity. She denied that she was ever online and wasn't sure how that happened. After that she made her profile inactive - Mine was already inactive. In my mind it was resolved by her doing this.

Now fast forward 4 months, she said she was trying to deactivate her account and logged back in. She saw this picture that I had uploaded 4 months earlier. My profile was still inactive so I'm not sure how she saw it. Probably because we had a profile connection 8 months earlier. Anyway after seeing this she broke up with me and said I had lied and cheated on her. She said I cheated because I uploaded a photo on a dating website and lied because I didn't tell her about it. I sincerely apologized that I should have confronted her before assuming the worst and uploading the photo. Now she said she has lost all her trust in me and can't take me back.

She said by me uploading this photo that I was cheating and unfaithful. I need some opinions from others. Do you agree that this is cheating?

FYI... I had no contact with anyone on the site..
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