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Did I catch Herpes ?

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I have a steady boyfriend who recently became ill with what looks like crohns disease. he had surgery and is currently recovering and on a special diet. During this time we did not have any intercourse, about a week ago or a little less we tried to have intercourse briefly but it hurt his stomach so we stopped. Then, 1 or 2 days later, i gave him oral sex. I noticed the sperm tasted different but nothing else. He had a doctors check up planned for tuesday for the chrons, and the doctor told him had a rash in the genital area. he prescribed him some powder (lotrimin) to use. My boyfriend didnt notice it so i think he didnt have itching or something else. Wen i gave him oral, it was dark but i didnt feel anything weird. When he is naked I can't see anything so i suspect the rash is way up in his inner thighs or near the buttocks. He is being nursed and doesnt want me to see it. So now i am worried i caught genital and/or oral herpes. His doctor told him it was just a dermatitis rash or similar, but i am worried. My lip felt tingly on and off for two days, and cracked on side. But no sore (fingers crossed). He one time had one since we have met. during 2 years i also have never had one of those in my life. i have light diarrea and some stomach discomfort too. his brother is a dr. and told me my lypmh nodes werent swollen but under the chin something is a little bt. Discharge is clear and sticky, i think I might be ovulating. So, could i have caught something? I am very aware of std tsting and usually get tested each year. he is the first person i have ever had unprotect sex with, others were all with condom (intercourse), i have had some oral contacts without condoms. I am very paranoid about my health and do not want stds! I think he got tested for stds ( i dont know if herpes was in it) and said he was clear. During our relationship he slept with someone else, reason why i am more worried. and also during his youth, he had sex from young age. Although he told me he never had anything else than the cold sore.

what do you think?
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replied April 13th, 2012
I don't know if my constant worrying about this made me feel more symptoms?! I have a little bit less appetite too.
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