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Did I Break my hymen while my boyfriend fingered me?

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My boyfriend was fingering me the other night, but then as he backed out because my parents just got home, i felt something. I can't describe it, but as he left I went to the bathroom and wiped myself. There was blood. I kept wiping myself but then no more blood was there? And now it's been 2 days, and everytime i've gone to pee, It hurts? Idk exactly what.. i feel like somethings torn. It hurts to pee, like it stings, and i can't pee properly... like it i've peed like several times because i cant let my bladder go all at once. No discharge is coming out, and it doesnt smell any differently so i dont think it's an infection...

Did he scratch me? I just dont know what part... I've checked myself so many times.. and my vagina doesnt look right, but idk how to fix it. or make it feel better Sad PLEASE HELP....
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replied December 8th, 2011
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First of all, fingering cannot make your vagina look differently, or 'not right'. Just like brushing your teeth does not make your face look 'not right'. You probably just does not know how varied real women with real vaginas look like, so you are comparing yourself with some idealized image of what you think a vagina should look like.

It is likely that he made a small tear in your hymen. This is pretty common. It is consistent with the short and light bleeding, and urine burning the torn edges. It sounds like just a little notch that will heal and form a small V shaped indent. At your age your hymen is a thick elastic ring around the outside edge of your vaginal entrance. It is pretty robust and may only fully be destroyed when you give birth to your first child.

If keeping your hymen intact is important for you, keep everything away from your vagina. Your clitoris is anyways your sex organ and the center of your sexual response and orgasms, not the inside of your vagina.

Take care!
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