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Diarrhea Morning and Night Only?

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I have had terrible diarrhea first thing in the morning and again at bedtime for three weeks. However, my daytime seems to be calm? I have not had any solid stool in three weeks.
I have lost 54 pounds on Weight Watchers in the last 9 months, my diet is amazingly healthy, no red meat but lots of proteins, veggies, fruits and supplements. I have not changed anything in my diet in the past three weeks that I wasn't doing for the past 9 months. Except I did start working out daily- weights and cardio. I also added Yerba Mate tea about 2 weeks prior.
My stomach (at night alot) makes some amazing noises, that people in meetings hear from across the room.
My doctor tested me for parasites etc and it came back fine- we are waiting on a culture result.
Any ideas? It's draining me!
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