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Diarrhea, cramps, previous hospitalisation, yellowy mucus

This sounds horrible, but I have had 'bowel issues' for quite some time, once being described as IBS. Was admitted to hospital a couple of years ago with severe, bloody diarrhea and tachycardia. When they ended up removing my appendix (healthy,)a few days later, they also removed excess s/cerus(?) fluid. Further ultrasounds showed cysts on kidneys later diagnosed as probable PKD (polycystic kidney disease) and CT scans said no to Crohns Disease. Anyway, past few days I have had bad cramping and then diarrhea but it doesn't flow easily ie: it takes effort like constipation but is runny. Today, when I passed wind, there was yellowy mucus in my pants. Very embarrassing, but should I be OK?

I have been really tired today, more than normal, but put it down to a later night than usual. However, a dog walk normally perks me up. Not today. Slight discomfort in upper upper abdominals, just under ribs.

I hate bugging our GP as I'm only 26 but have had so many health 'issues'!

Thanks, in advance.
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replied May 13th, 2011
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Hi pentaphobic and welcome to ehealth: If I were you, I would not bug my GP... I would head right for the specialist...That being an: Gastrologist...He/she is the person to speak with about a problem such as yours...What you have is not normal....Take care...

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