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Diarrhea and hair loss

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Hello everyone I thought about a million ways to write my problem to be easy on the eyes, so I'll begin by my status.
I Live in: São Paulo, Brazil (fairly Tropical weather)
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Weight: 154 pounds
Height: 5' feet 7'
Drink? No
Smoke? No
Exercise? Yes, regularly.
1st year medical student (started in UK going to finish in Brazil)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Eating habits back in 2005: Junk food and regularly white rice with meat
Eating habits back in 2006: Vegetarian (consumed fish)
Eating habits back in 2007: Lesser junk food back to eat meat with white rice
Eating habits back in 2008 to present: Vegetarian again but now I do not consume any rice at all, just more vegetables
Take Any Medications? Yes, 25mg of Atenolol daily (began to take it in 2006)
Hypochondriac? No
Stressed? No

Brazil has an outbreak for Yellow fever, Malaria and Dengue, but its not common in my city or its surroundings at all and I do not have it.

Symptoms I am currently experiencing (with their respective year of discovery):
- Hypertension (2006)
- Hair loss everywhere in my body, but the top of my head was affected the most (2005 and I'm almost bald on top of my head)
- Gall stones (2006)
- Moderate Gastritis (2006)
- Hepatic Steatosis (I do not drink any alcohol at all) (2006)
- Bloating after eating (2005)
- Sometimes I get diarrhea with very strong pain in the lower GI, right below the belly button (2005)
- White Rice and junk food gives me cramps with diarrhea (present)

Important exams I did:
* Cholesterol: 20mg/dL LDL (Yes, I know, 20MG/DL LDL, how is that even possible!!) (2007)
* HIV: Negative (december 2008) <- This was my greatest fear I'm glad I ruled that out
* Hepatitis A: Negative (december 2008)
* Hepatitis B: Negative (december 2008)
* Hepatitis C: Negative (december 2008)
* Rubeola or Measles: Negative and Immune (december 2008)
* Toxoplasmosis: IgG 58.10 IU/mL / IgM 0.0 IU/mL (december 2008)
* EKG: Normal (2006, 2007, 2008)
* MRI of the neck down: Normal (2007)
* Chest X-Rays: Normal(2006)
* Ultrasound of the heart and other organs: Normal except for the abnormal finding of Hepatic Steatosis. (2006)
* CBC (Geez, I did SO MANY CBCs that I lost track but every single one came out to be normal) (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)
* Colonoscopy: Small benign polyp was found and quickly removed, no other findings. (2006)
* Vitamins levels: normal (2007)
* Urine: Normal (Geez, I also did countless of of urine exam, so many kinds that I dont even remember anymore, even had to pee all day on a jar once) (2006)
* Testosterone levels (total): 739.7 ng/dL (Normal: 241.0 to 827.0 ng/dL)
* LH: 3.0 mUI/mL
* ACTH hormone: 16.3 pg/mL (Normal: 0.0 to 46.0 pg/mL)
* Prolactin: 7.5 ng/mL (Normal: 2.1 to 17.7 ng/mL)
* Plasmatic Cortisol: Normal
* Cardiac Enzymes: Normal
* Thyroid exams (TSH, T4, etc, etc): NORMAL
* Thousands of other exams that I already forgot: Normal
* Glucoses: Normal levels (2005/06/07/0Cool
* Endoscopy: Moderate Gastritis (2006/07)

For a few months back in 2006 I suffered with bloody diarrhea, the blood was quite red and fresh, which indicated lower GI bleeding. That was the reason why I did a colonoscopy in the first place, no abnormalities were found at all besides a small benign polyp which was removed and analysed and determined benign.

I am a very relaxed person, I do not suffer from any form at stress at all.
Strangest part?! I share the same symptoms with my Father, my Brother and My cousin family.
They all started to suffer from Gastro-Intestinal Disturbances / Hypertension / Hair loss, exactly like me. And around the same time as I started.

And when I say gastro intestinal disturbances I mean so severe that once I was rushed into the ER with a very staggering pain in the lower GI (below the belly button), I felt as if I was getting stabbed with a knife (from 0 to 10 I'd say 9.5, the pain level), the pain did not go away and the doctors thought I had apendicitis at the time, I did an MRI from the neck down and it revealed that everything was normal, so I was discharged without any treatment besides Buscopan.
Because my close relatives suffer from the same symptom I assumed it was infectious, but the CBC ruled that out.

I am going to perform an exam this wednesday to check whether or not I am poisoned with a metal compound such as Barium (my town had a case of barium contamination in a place near the water supply).

Been a few months that I been exercising regularly, it didn't change much besides slowing my heart rate. But I still feel palpitations which are VERY annoying, especially after I eat something.

I dont even need to say that I been o thousands of doctors, right? And did THOUSANDS of exams to try to find a cause for my hypertension and NOTHING.
I've been told I was Hypochondriac and that my symptoms are related to stress, and quite frankly I am very tired of hearing such a thing.
My story is simply: One day I was normal the next I was shitting blood, loosing hair and hypertensive. I was not stressed or depressed before or after it happened and I still am not.

Do I feel incredibly thirsty? Not presently, but when I use to consume junk food back in 2006 yes, I did and quite regularly.
My forehead is very oilish, which indicates liver problems. My LDL cholesterol is very low which indicates liver problem.
Did I do Liver Biopsy? No doctors ordered it, so, no.
Did I loose or gained weight? My weight has always been around 154 pounds, I do not get any more fatter nor skinnier.
Did I have fever? Maybe not, I might have felt a little warm but not in a concerning level so I didnt even check.
Do I still suffer from bloody diarrhea? Not bloody anymore, but I still suffer from diarrhea when I eat certain foods such as rice or junk food.
My Hairloss is so weird that whenever I clean my room I find hair from my legs, arms, and in massive amounts, they just come out. When I have to remove hair from my nose I dont even feel pain, it just comes out as if it was loosen up there.

I been SUFFERING with these problems since 2005, came around to really know them in 2006.

Perhaps that if it was only me who had those symptoms I would feel hypochondriac indeed, but my brother, my father and my cousin family (two females and one male) are experiecing the exact same symptoms.
Now I am trying to find a fellow doctor who would be kind into analyzing my case and not just dismissing me as a hypochondriac or stressed.

Thanks if you took the time to read this, I appreciate, I put some effort into writing it because I wanted to know if anybody could help me ( looking ) and not just dismiss me as a hypochondriac.
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replied January 13th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
I would like to pay more attention to your problem, cause it seems very complicated and interesting.
I'll just wright something that probably doesn't cause your problem, but, I'm sure adds to it.
Actually, Atenolol, can give diarrhea as a side effect, and very rarely can lead to hair loss.
Talk with your physician for adjusting the atenolol dosage or trying another medicine for your hypertension.

Write to you very soon!
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replied January 13th, 2009
Hey, I am really sorry but your theory is not consistant with the symptoms for the following reasons:
1. I started to take the medications after the symptoms occured.
2. My father, my brother and my cousin family does not take atenolol.
Thought it's not common at all atenolol may cause hairloss. But not this massive and does not cause the hair in your whole body to fall aswell.

But thank you for answering.
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replied February 10th, 2010
I'd suggest you follow a diet more suited to your blood type.

If O blood type - eat more meat
If A blood type - more vegetables
If B blood type - eat meat and vegetabes

Lots of info blood type diets - Dr Peter D'damo
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replied March 23rd, 2010
Do you eat Brazil Nuts ? Perhaps you have Selenosis from too much selenium from Brazil nuts.
This could explain the hair loss, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.
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replied March 26th, 2010
Do you eat Brazil Nuts? Perhaps you have Selenosis - Selenium Poisoning from too much selenium from Brazil nuts.
This could explain the hair loss, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.
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