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Diarrhea and bloody mucus in bowel movements

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Hi , I have had a bad bout of diarrhea today,but now when I go it is like a mucus with blood in it. It is a mix of pink to bright red in color. I usually go three time daily and my bowl movements are normal. I have been on medications for years from injuries sustained in the armed forces. Could this just be from the diarrhea . It alarmed me because this has never happened. While this has been going on my stomach has had sharp shooting pains,mostly in my lower abdominal area. do not have hemorrhoids and there is no itching or inflammation around my rectum area . Please help with any recommendations or advice.
Best Regards, Gary Starr
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replied October 24th, 2008
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Diarrhea itself is not uncommon, as you know. But if the diarrhea has blood in it, you should probably check with your doctor. I see you posted this a while ago. Were you able to see your doctor about it? Here is a website that may be informative: diarrhea
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