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diarrhea after immediately after eating

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Ok, so here is my problem. For a few months now I have been having constant diarrhea immediately after I eat a meal. Usually the first meal that I eat in a day. In February of this year I caught a stomach virus. In April I began having this problem. I would eat breakfast and then end up having to run to the bathroom. I, at first, thought it was because I was eating too much dairy. So I cut back. Then I notice that it started happening when I could eat other foods. I always thought that it was something I was eating that did not agree with my digestive system or maybe something was under cooked. The biggest key that something was wrong was when I would have to go to the bathroom and just barely make it.

I tried to deal with the problem on my own trying to eat only when I knew I was not going to be going out in public. Well that plan fell apart. My boyfriend and I went to Macon(in Ga) and on the way home we grabbed a bite to eat. We were almost home when out truck gave out on us. As we were waiting for the tow truck to pick us up I had the urge to go. There was no bathroom around for miles and the tow truck be another 45 mins. You guys know what the result was.

Well I decided to go to the doctor to find out the problem. And I went yesterday. I left the Dr.'s feeling more confused, upset, and angry than I did before I got there. Basically, the doctor tried to tell me it was normal for a person to have to have a bowel movement a few minutes after you eat. I told him this is not normal. I can be in the middle of a meal and have to jump up and run to the nearest bathroom. He says well try and go before you eat and maybe that will help. I'm like there is nothing in me to go before I eat. He basically stood there and told me that everything I was experiencing was all in my mind and that I was just making too much out of it. Then, he's like we'll do a stool and urine sample and do some blood work to check your thyroid levels.

Well I had previously had my thyroid checked and the levels were normal. I was told what the stool sample was for but not the urine.

After leaving the doctor's office I bought some Imodium AD and Activia. And, to my surprise the Imodium AD worked.
Has anyone else had this problem before? If so, do you have any advice you can offer?
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replied February 24th, 2011
Hello, and thanks for your medical question on E Health Forum.

From the history provided it seems that you have gastro colic reflex.

This is a physiological reflex controlling the motility, or peristalsis, of the gastrointestinal tract. It involves an increase in motility of the colon in response to stretch in the stomach and byproducts of digestion in the small intestine. Thus, this reflex is responsible for the urge to defecate following a meal.

Symptomatic treatment with medications to slow the GI motility helps to relieve the symptoms. Eg IMODIUM, pepto bismol.

I hope this helps.

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replied October 27th, 2012
bowel movement, dehydration, lack of apetite, weight issues
As Alexi27 I am going through somewhat similar problems and everytime doctors diagnose different problems! Let me put it in words details, I am 32 year old male (55kg, 5.8ft)a yoga teacher from India currently living in Vietnam. I was thin and pale since my childhood and the most comments I recieved from my reatives and neighbours about the same being so skinny! As a kid I was extremely active and highly sportive in my schooling days. Never had any severe sickness,tiredness, drowsiness or lethargic what am going through now! As I admit that my food intake was average to any other kids in my ages then and food was very poor in nutritions. I can put it down this way what I was having as a meals, breakfast was rice breads and spiced vegetables, lunch a bowls of rice and veg-curry (once in weak meat curry), dinner almost same as the lunch! Circumstances changed when I moved to a city for my high schooling. food was limited and most of the time had starving and survived those 5 years somehow! In the end of those period my health started worsening, it was watery fluids running out from my nose was the beganing! sneezing took its worst times and every morning I woke up with it till sun rises.(the place I lived mountainious and cold, its often drops to 12deg C). Then I moved to polluted city Mumbai where I had life threatning disease like malaria, chicken poxes, small poxes and seasonal rhinitis! My food was still poor in nutritions. What I was realised is my apetite is gone forever by now. A small bowl of rice and vegetables was my daily intakes and couldnt eat any more because of a kind of feeling like full and nausia. I was 20 years by then and looked lik a teenager, very skinny and paled. Some of my friends introduce me a pills (which was a small white circular in shape) to enhance my apetite and gain weight! That was a miracle! I stareted eating huge quantities ever in my life and gained weights in 3 months from 50Kg to 65kg! and this was the happiest time about my health ever! But things changed drastically after stopping those pils ( I used to eat them an hour before my meals and 3 times/day. I started loosing weight now dramatically and in couple of months I lost almost all and back in my skinny avatar! Same sickness, lack of apetite, tiredness, dizziness, over sleepiness, lack of energy and motivation! My intake food was same as poor in nutrients and quantities. I tried many ways to back in shape upto people in my age group! No resut! Finally a doctor put me under a traetment where I used to had a glucose and vitamins twice a week and some white pills same as my friends introduce me earlier ( No discriptions in them). Then I noticed my health bettering day by days and gained much weights in those medications. That never lasted for ever but same result! skinny and lack of apetite! Again and again tried many ways to gain weights but after few months back to same condition as used to be! never tried gym excercises to bulk up muscles but apetite enhancing pills and some protien shakes and suppliments!( Its necessary to mention here that I had no desire to drink water more than two glasses wholeday! I had no thirst for water only drink it while eating my meals. My mouth always dry and stinky, hide it chewing gums and mouth freshner). Recently I developed this symptoms that every time i eat and immediate after feel like to go to toilet and my stool is watery as diarrhea! I visited a hospiatal nearby here and they diagnosed me with some warms and microscopic activities in my intestines and put me under medications and glucose and vitamins ingestion/week.
I know its long stories to go through for someone and I believe that it will be usefull for some experts to obtain and analyse my disease and recommend an effective treatment! I always thoight the doctors always did not understand or rightly dignosed my problems and my disease is something that need to be focused in different way! possibly psychological reasons might be a causes too! Or simply some microbs causing it! Or long time malnutritions/dehaydration causing it! Or some diseases or genitical factors!(my parents, sisters are skinny and pale too but my brother in good shape recent years) I am leaving it to expert to analyse it and find me a way out from these unhealthy atmosphere!
Thanks very much. Iby
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replied August 22nd, 2017

I am suddenly having the EXACT types of symptoms you described. What did you end up finding out? Do you take the Imodium AD every day? I'm pretty desperate as I am certain you understand. Thanks for your reply...
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