hello everyone..
I'm feeling pain in my diaphraghm.I'm nt able to say exactly where pain is.
Its just coming out of bod like.From bottom of diaphraghm to top nd then to ribs and then feeling like coming out of mouth.
once in 10 mins i'm getting that pain.Pain is little bit worrying like.
Can someone suggest a solution and which specialist should i see?
Pain is startin from bottom of diaphragm and then towards ribs.
I did a little bit of stretching and its a bit okie now.But when i breathe strongl i feel the pain somewhere in ribs nd diaphragm.Not able to exactly to figure it out.
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replied September 30th, 2009
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Do you have any cough, congestion or any other symptoms like that? Did you do anything to bring this on, such as fall down, pick up something heavy, etc? Does it hurt when you press on the right side below your ribs? Does it hurt worse after you eat, especially a fatty meal?

Usually, you should start with your primary care doctor for a new condition or illness. They usually can send you to the right place if you need a specialist. I would write down all your symptoms, when they started, how bad they are, what (if anything) makes them better or worse, etc. Also, write down your questions for the doctor and take all of this with you to your appointment.
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