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Diagnosis: cervix uteri: Severe dysplasia?

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Please, please, please tell me what the answer to this pathological mean?

The doctor has not told me anything. I am going crazy if I do not get the way.

1) What do mean? Endocervix, the lower limit: 0 mm

2) What do mean? Exocervix marginal: 1mm

3) Is this a recurrent dysplasia?

4) I understand that the change in dysplasia was 6mm. Is this a big change / tumor?

5) My head is no longer endure. Because I do not get any treatment because I am pregnant. Scared if this change will not change into cancer. Can it muutua quickly?

6) How serious is this?

7) Even more important!
I am now in week 38 Pap OTI a physician, and after the test piece was ASC-H. What experience such mean?

Why doctors do not tell me anything? I am already tired of this:, (.

Konisaatin height (mm): 9
Konisaatin width (mm): 20
Junktio is shown in the sample: Yes
Genital warts (HPV morphological change): Yes
Squamous cell epithelium: Strong dysplasia, CIN 3
Endocervix-margin (mm): 0
Edge change: Strong levyepiteelinen dysplasia, CIN 3
Edge change: Strong levyepiteelinen dysplasia, CIN 3
Exocervix-margin (mm): 1

Konisaatti investigated is low, which had a width 20 and depth of 9 mm. Endoserviksen hand edge stained black and the vaginal side of the black marker. Konisaatti sliced into eight pages, which are bedded into four and four tray A, B. When the cassette is displayed at worse slightly salted dysplasia, and is present at its widest, 6mm, and width. It comes in contact in many-fragment endoserviks suntaisen resection margin. Resection of the vaginal side of the direction of the smallest amount of a millimeter.

Diagnosis: cervix uteri: Severe dysplasia

this is more of what the book was:

A small portion of loop captured the back lip biopsy HPV on the basis of dysplasia gravis, exocervix direction change completely removed, dysplasia gravis-level change continued endocervixreunaan. This was a biopsy and not tried to change or removal konisaatioon completely. Suspicion of invasive biopsy does not change.
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