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Diagnosing the source of abdominal pain

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Last month I stared having minor low right abdominal pain. I had been diagnosed with PID, and treated for it. A week or two later I was given bactrim for a sinus infection.. I read that that can cause gastrointestinal problems. Well, the night of taking it, I started having pains around my belly, etc.. and then down to the bottom right, but worse than it previously had been. It wasn't excruciating. I saw a doctor the next day and he said nothing was wrong, then it was concerning me even more that night and I saw a doctor the next day and he said it wasn't my appendix. Probably a few days or a die after this I think the pain subsided a little to just being really minor, but can't remember. When I first saw a doctor for the pains I think I had noticed blood in my stool that day. I have an outer hemorrhoid, and when I had my colonoscopy two and a half years ago, the only thing they detected was that outer hemorrhoid. The second doctor I saw didn't seem to be concerned about the blood. It was bright red. Since this I have noticed it three more times. Last time was on Tuesday. I didn't get a good look at it but the blood may have been a darker red.. but like I said I didn't get a good look at it. I saw a Gynecologist on tuesday and the abdominal pain wasn't there really, and she was asking about it, because that was the reason I saw her.. because I didn't think the PID was gone. She did a pap and everything and she said that she didn't think I had it anymore. After thinking about the abdominal pain because she was asking so much about it, it started to come back then. So the next day (this wednesday) I went to go see my actual doctor, and he did a rectal exam and found blood from inside.. from doing some little test. He sent me to get a blood exam. He didn't seem concerned about the pains. He did do a tummy exam by just touching it. Since leaving I think the pains are just a little worse. Still not excruciating and I'm still able to do things and walk, etc. He said though that if things got worse go back and see him sooner than a week but that he still wanted to see me in a week. The pain started four days ago.. and it has been radiating from the lower right abdomen to the upper right. It was localizing around the upper right.. but then today it seemed like it was starting to localize around the bottom right.. then, it just started going to the back, and just changing. The pain once in a while goes away a little bit, but soon comes right back. Last night the pain was in the upper right and stopped hurting there and moved underneath my right shoulder. A month ago though I started getting back pains and joint pains more than normal. And feeling more weak and fatigue. Anyway.. back to now.. It almost feels like it's all just gas. I'll feel like I can't at times, and then if I push on my stomach I can. Sometimes I feel like I have to have a bowel movement. Yesterday I noticed that my bowels were more narrow, but today they aren't so much. I also have been having cold chills, but no fever. Having sweating but not a lot. Yesterday it went up to 99.6, but went back down. I feel nauseated at times, but I also have acid reflux, which can make me feel that way. Last night I was noticed that if I touched a part on the right side of the sternum or I should just on the right below the ribcage it was tender to touch. When I press down where my appendix is there isn't a rebound pain.. well I thought there kind of was, but then it's really hard to tell. I touched a part in the upper right and when I touched it it hurt after. I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow (i did today, but he wasn't there today but is tomorrow) and see if he can refer me to a place to get an ultrasound tomorrow or something to make sure it's not my gallbladder or appendix. I just don't know what is going on. Also I have felt dizzy off and on for the last month. Right now I feel dizzy a bit. And one more think.. the pain radiates to the other side of the abdomen sometimes.. and on the lower part of my back on the right side there is a part that is a little tender to touch.. I've had a urinalysis, and it's not a kidney or bladder infection and I'm not pregnant. Also have pains in the middle of my back on the top and in the middle and on the low part on both sides at times. The pains in my abdomen are dull, burning and sometimes stabbing, and sometimes cramping(which i think is my period coming up). And I can't really remember when my last period was.. All I know is that it was sometime in february. But not right at the end of february.

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replied March 18th, 2010
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Hi and welcome to the forum! I am glad that I can help you.

You would like to know the cause of the symptoms that you experience.

Abdominal pain appears if there is any underlying condition such as gastritis, penetrating ulcers, inflammation of the gallbladder or stones in the gallbladder, increased liver, enlarged spleen, pancreatitis, kidney conditions such as infections and stones, ovarian cysts or other ovarian conditions, appendicitis. Sometimes pain may appear as a result of anxiety issues.

Given the data that you described, you may or may not be experiencing any medical condition. Have an abdominal ultrasound to rule out gallbladder issues, kidney issues, and pancreatic issues. You may also consider having a vaginal ultrasound to rule out ovarian issues. If no medical condition is diagnosed as a cause of the pain that you experience, you may consider that the pain is due to anxiety. Reduce the intake of coffee and tea. Consume vitamins from B-complex.

Please keep in mind that I provide medical information only. I am not able to diagnose medical conditions online. Please contact your doctor for further advice and information about diagnosis and treatment options.

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