I'm a 56 year old, formerly healthy Male. Last fall I had a bout with a "high blood pressure" transient. I spent two months, one on Beta Blockers, and one on an ACE inhibitor. I lost my ability to exercise, as I found that 15 minutes of hard areobic, pushed my heart rate to 90 to 100 for 2 to 3 hours afterward. (Began soley walking, 1 to 2 miles a day). Got insomnia for 3 months. Generally felt MISERABLE every day. Gone through the gamaut.. treatmill with echocardiogram (perfect, athlete's heart!), I have a non-toxic, biopsied goiter. About 5 cm by 5 cm, left side of thyroid. Endocrine Doc did 71 parameters, blood, urine, all perfect. Elevated epinephrine, ordered CAT scan, (potential adreanal tumor) and everything on CAT (from testicles to thyroid) was A-OK.

Hot Tubs seem to help me. Electric Blanket seemed to cure insomnia. But still have bouts of days "feeling ill". Not under a tremendous amount of life stress.

I want to be WELL AGAIN!

Recently started JUICING. May be helping. One other clue is that a big dose of an NSAID (Aspirin, Ibuprofin) tends to make me feel better for some hours about an hour after I take the dose.

What is that telling me?


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replied April 3rd, 2009
56 year old male..
Forgot to mention, BP completely under control with a "Homeopathic" pill, a "Blood Factor"...(which cannot be advertized directly as helping BP, thanks FDA from protecting us from the things without SIDE EFFECTS!!!)

So BP is not a problem right now.

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