I was diagnosed with tonsillitis on sunday and prescribed Penillcilin.

On saturday i had a soar throat and couldn't swollow this was when i started to be sick. By sunday morning i was in alot more agony with my throat and was still being sick so i went to the out of hours doctors. This was when i was prescribed pencillin.

Tuesday i went back to see my doctors, she agreed it was tonsillitus and advised me i must carry on taking my antibiotics. I told her i keep being sick but she didn't seem concerned.

I was sick again this morning but my throat is better i still have a little cough but not half as bad as it was. I have no idea why i keep being sick, the doctor doesn't seem concerned.

I can't be pregnant because i've just come of my period and 2 pregnancy tests say negative.

Any clues about what it could be?
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replied April 15th, 2009
Did you check up the side effects of the antibiotics? I am currently on a pencillin-based antibiotic for tonsillitis and have read that my one can cause tiredness, nausea, upset stomach among other things... It may just be a side effect of the tablets, like I am having, just take note of the name of the tablets and if you get tonsillitis again just ask not to be put on the same tablets
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