Hello everyone,

I joined this forum in hopes of getting advice on my lack of energy problem. About a year ago, my doctor diagnosed me with malaise and fatigue. I will try my best to allow you all a mental picture of how I act and feel. My age is 21.
In social situations, whether it be a hand motion or talking, I have a slower reaction time than others. If I record myself talking, I notice that I communicate pretty slowly, and I pause to think frequently throughout what I'm saying. My eyes are usually half-way open in surprise photos. I get really tired at my job and have trouble making it through the day. Oftentimes I get really sleepy in the middle of the day even though I have gotten adequate sleep (7-11 hours), and only a few hours of recreation will completely sap my energy. Sometimes tourist customers will yell, "wake up!" at my place of work because of my eyes being halfway open out of fatigue. This infuriates me. One doctor that I went to plain out told me that I looked "completely out of it." Some people tend to think I'm high or on some bad drug. :(

After looking up fatigue on the Internet, I learned that there could be over 500 causes. It seems like a daunting task to narrow my problem down, but this issue is really lowering my quality of life. I'm not sure if I have some sort of imbalance, deficiency, or disease.

I have taken 2500 mcg B12 for a month straight, and this did not help. I have had a thyroid test, and it was normal. Those are the only two things I've tried so far. The doctor that originally diagnosed me with malaise and fatigue said that I should just try to exercise. Another doctor told me to eat vegetables. This issue feels like something worse than lack of exercise and vegetables. What do you all think?

Recently, I slept 13 hours with no problem. I feel that it's not normal at all!

Thank you for listening,
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replied January 5th, 2015
Not sure if this is the problem, but I recently found myself sleeping through the whole day. I used to NEVER nap. But suddenly I coudnt stay awake. After blood work, doctors (sleep medication adjustments) and a lot of frustration I tried taking vitamin D supplements. It helped tremendously. Newer research shows that most people don't get enough vitamin D and since the "normal" range is basically an average of a bunch of people's levels, that "normal" range is too low. Therefore, it won't show up on tests.

Go to a drug or grocery store and buy some vitamin D tablets. It may take you a few weeks to feel better if you've been deficient for a long time, but it's worth a shot. It definitely can't hurt.
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