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Diagnosed Bipolar, Need help

Hello, glad to see a forum.

I have lived with bipolar since teens, (now 3Cool. I learned last year I am bipolar, but dropped from shrink cause I could not keep appointments. I tried filing for SSI, but I can't stay on task long enough to follow up with paperwork.

I am trying again to get another shrink, and get proper medication. I am very concerned about the mood swings, and behaviors. I am very nervous that my mental condition is progressive.

I would like to connect with people that might have had difficulty getting help in the start, and offer some advise.

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replied March 15th, 2011
Hi I have been diagnosed bipolar since 2004. I find that I have problems focusing on task as well. I have applied for ssi with the help of a lawyer and I keep getting denied. I have been to a hearing and have doctors saying that I can't work, and I am still getting denied. So maybe you should try getting a lawyer they will help you and it's free unless you win. I am still trying to get my ssi. Good luck!
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