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Diabulimia - skipping insulin injections

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Im just searching for help and advice on whats out there and anyone thats had expericance with diabulimia as google in general is a tad bleak on this subject. My partener of 18 years of age has been suffering with diabulimia on and off for 3 years that I have known and we have recently started to date. She has been hospitalised a few times over uncontrollable ketones - all stemmed from skipping her insuin injections in order to loose weight - modern day pressure and image of young women from the media is a powerful force and its greatly putting her health at risk, the want to be slim and not socially unacceptable is too great, regardless how lovely she is to me, she wont be happy until shes happy with herself. After a bad episode she snaps out of it but she is prone to falling back into this dangerous trap.
I want to help her the best I can so I am really looking for some starting blocks on tackling this little known killer, advice or where to go.

Many thanks to you all in advance

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