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I would like to tell about my husband.

Type 1 - Juvenile Diabetic for 35 Years on an Insulin Pump. About 200 units of insulin every 3-4 days.

Six months ago we were at his Endocrinologist (Diabetic Specialist). She talked about how he had been a diabetic a long time and we should start expecting some drastic things to happen. Like strokes and heart attacks, etc. This really caused us to worry. He was very insulin resistant and what was taking 4-6 units of insulin was now taking 15-20 units of insulin to do the same job.

She said the only thing they could do was to keep switching his insulin to fool to body.

She talked about him needing to lose weight - he did need to lose about 40 pounds.

He was also on 2 High Blood Pressure Meds and Cholesterol Med.

About Five months ago I was talking with a friend of mine and her husband was about 2 years older than mine; around 60. He is now off all his meds (High BP, Cholesterol & something else). He has lost all his weight and back to his weight in high school.

I was so excited and I ask her what they were doing. She told me that had found some particular vitamins and minerals and he had been on them for about 4-5 months.

I told my husband and he immediately told me to order them. I did 4 months ago.

Here is his story today. He has lost about 30 pounds (about 10 to go) He is taking 40 units of insulin less than he was every 3-4 days. He is no longer on Cholesterol Meds, Only on 1 BP Med and should be off of it this month (June 2011)

He said he has lots of energy and feels better than he has felt in years.

We go back to his doctor on the 28th of June. We plan on FIRING HER! We are sick of status quo! We are sick of being blamed for his A1C not being good enough, we are just sick of this whole thing.

There is HOPE! I don't feel like the doctors care if you get any better. America is in a sad state of affairs with their Health Care.

I always thought America had the best health care system in the world - latest technology, research and more. Then I find out that according to the World Health Organization the US is Ranked 37. What a shame.
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replied June 23rd, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
sounds great but even if happened to your husband does not mean other people NOT PRODUCING insulin will somehow rejuvenate their pancreas
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replied June 24th, 2011
I didn't say it rejuvenated his pancreas - that is not possible. He will always be insulin dependent. What I meant to say was his cells are absorbing insulin better and it is not taking more and more insulin to keep him alive.

Basically his body is getting the proper nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) which helps the rest of his body respond better. Sorry for the confusion.
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