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Diabetes can be cured

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In 1988 the well-known scientist Alexander Viktorovich Kuzin has offered the Ministry of Health of the USSR the ultimate new concept of treatment of diabetes and has received the official answer that âspam�the Ministry of Health of the USSR allows to administer therapy of diabetes of type I and II on the basis of method of Alexander V. Kuzinâspam
In 1989 of Kuzin emigrated. The establishment of a new progressive method proceeded abroad. On January, 5, 2011 the European Patent Office granted the patent right No ÐspamР1789026 âspam�Method of System Bio correction of Human Organismâspam. Among authors - Kuzin A. V.
Nowadays almost half of mankind appears to be the carrier of "the metabolic syndromeâspam which reveals to be the infringement metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, mineral substances in human organism. The metabolic syndrome is the main factor of the so-called âspam�fatal quartetâspam: the adiposity, increased arterial pressure, diabetes type II and ischemic illness of heart. The given diseases are caused by factors of heredity or conditions of existence.
The essence of the method, according to its developer, author of invention, owner of the international patent, is simple, as all ingenious. It is considered, that the reason of diabetes is the inadequate performance of pancreas, in other words, infringement of elaboration of insulin and that this gives the background for infringement of carbohydrate metabolism. Scientist Kuzin considers, that the reason of the disease has opposite origin. The diabetes arises not because of infringements carbohydrate, but the fat metabolism. And as fats burn down in the flame of carbohydrates the level of sugar in blood raises for the fat to burn down. It is an adaptive measure of human organism. Human organism needs correction that will help to relieve mankind of this illness.
Whereas Kuzinâspam�s concept cardinally differs from the traditional and standard, the philosophy of treatment of diabetes using his method is equally varied: it is necessary to influence the fat metabolism, meaning normalize it. It is essential to make the fats burn, then the organism should not strain with the carbohydrate exchange.
Kuzinâspam�s invention enables the absolutely innovative bio correction of a cell, thus the energy consumption occurs first of all not due to burning of the carbohydrates, but by means of burning fats with the effect of elimination of resistance of a cell to insulin.
The modern concept of treatment represents the technique of correction not of the reason of illness, but its symptoms. In case of excess of the established in modern medicine norms of sugar content in the patientâspam�s blood, the doctor "rings the patient in insulinâspam. A certain affinity of âspam�insulin addictionâspam arises. And there seems to be no alternative to insulin nowadays. The concept of modern approach to treatment means that the doctor prescribes hormone insulin that reduces the level of sugar in blood while the biologist investigates the reason of the high contents of sugar in blood and what hormone causes the increase of the contents of sugar. And finally finds an answer - hormone glucagon. The diabetes is not the insufficient level of elaboration of insulin beta-cells but the surplus development of glucagon by alpha cells. No glucagon - no diabetes. The beta-cell at the organism of a patient with diabetes do not perish (except for cases of the passed virulent diseases, for example, rubella) but the minimization the elaboration of glukagon, the beta cells start to work normally again, the necessity for the human organism to increase the level of sugar in blood disappears.

The doctors have only to âspam�correctâspam the normal work of the organism of the patient. The course of the systemic bio correction of human organism is about 30 days in duration in conformity with the special patented method of bio correction having no analogues in the world science.
Refusal from insulin occurs gradually, by decrease of the doze, in view of gradual reduction of level of sugar in blood. When the fat metabolism is completely normalized, sugar level does not raise any more, it is possible to forget about insulin completely. Bio correction adjusts the pancreas for correct work and self-elaboration of insulin. The repeated treatment of the patient is not required, as well as observance of the strict diet is not required either, the patients become the full-featured people, with the sole advice to be moderate in meal, which is useful for everybody.
This innovative method intends to help and to patients with superfluous weight without dietary intervention, calculation of calories and restrictions of the analysis of amino acids in the patientâspam�s blood: isoleucine, leucine, valine, terosine and phenylalanine. The individual strategy of bio correction is determined depending on the level of the mass content of these amino acids in blood. In case of excess of mass content of these amino acids in blood, there is a hazard of occurrence of diabetes.
The Institute of Molecular and System Medicine in Berlin together with the leading German experts is supposed to be introduced in Russia within the framework of the Institute of Molecular and System Medicine created in Moscow with branches in other regions.
The opening of an all-country network of Sport and Recreation Complexes with essentially new approach is planned: Their aim is to be engaged not in illnesses, but health.
The patient comes in SRC and undergoes the diagnostics taking 2 hours the most, in fact the newest systems and tests are used. It is called complex health valuation. Experts in the field of system medicine of health carry out the careful analysis of the received data, and on the basis of it the passport of health and the individual technological program of improvement for the concrete personâspam�s health is created. In case of revealing of infringements, the system of bio correction of health is worked out and employed. The system was tested on cosmonauts and allows to make the long-term personâspam�s health forecast. The similar âspam�health planningâspam can be carried out in the all-country scale and the earlier the start of diagnostics, the upward lot of illnesses can be prevented at the earliest stages of development of the person.
In case the person is already sick, his treatment should be carried out by means of the most progressive interdisciplinary medicine of the present days, using the complex approach to treatment not of illness, but the person as complete complex system, that will allow to avoid undesirable effects and faster to cope with infringements.
The system of biological correction allows to predict and trace alternations in the organism at interaction with the environment and possesses a huge value in treatment of the diseases caused by a metabolic syndrome, such, as resistance to insulin, hyperinsulinonemia, infringement of tolerance to glucose (diabetes type II), arterial hypertension, ischemic illness of heart and other diseases of cardiovascular system, adiposity, obesity, microalbuminuria.
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