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deviated septum

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dear sir,
how are you? iam from egypt ,i suffer from Birth defect deviated septum,and nasal allergy problems like green sputum in my nose and coryza and this sputum go throgh my pharnex and this is report of x-ray chest(P-A)
"-prominent broncho-vascular making with prebronchial thickening of relative emphydematous at basal of both lungs.
-clear both costo-pheric angles.
-normal size of the heart"
and this is report of x ray P.N.S
"fain opacification of ethmoid and marking sinuses for t san
-normal appearence of nasal septum"

but all doctors say that i have deviated septum and want an operation to correct it.also when the winter and sprng come i suffer from coryza and breathing through my right passage is good and the left is nearly closed specially when l go to my bed in the evening.

i want to know if i correct this devatied . i wil be good and i will ride of allergy.also the price of these operation by laser.

thank you very much
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replied March 31st, 2009
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Septoplasty CAN treat your allergy symptoms IF they are caused by your deviated septum. It will not treat your allergy symptoms if they are an actual allergy and not mucus buildup due to nasal deviation. The price range is $2-4 thousand dollars in US dollars. I am unfamiliar with what the cost is for citizens of Egypt.
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