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developed apainful lump where the hernia was?

Plz help!!! I just had my second ventral hernia repair 2 weeks ago.. 2 years ago I had my first repair without mesh and it came back 1 month doctor just did the 2nd repair with mesh this time and I had swelling and redness and some discharge by my belly button (superficial) so the doctor put me on an antibiotic 3 days later I developed a lump where the hernia was? After surgery there was no I have a lump,pain,discomfort.. I can't even sit up straight... My doctor said if it gets bigger to come back and see them.. it hasn't gotten bigger but this doesn't seem normal... I didn't have any problems like this before!! Any suggestions??? Thank you!!
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replied November 13th, 2012
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This could be a few things. Most likely it is due to swelling and consolidation of this fluid. When the body was some swelling or edema (especially if it was significantly inflammed or infected), it tries to wall it off and then get rid of it.

As the edema is consolidated, it can form some fibrosis, which is sort of like unorganized scar tissue (collagen). It can become fairly firm. And, it takes quite a while for the body to resorb all of the material.

This is your second surgery, you have a foreign body in place, and you have had some inflammation/infection, all of which tends to make scar tissue worse.

While this is not "normal", as long as it is not enlarging it is probably okay. But, if you are in significant discomfort, which you cannot get control of, you should contact your surgeon once again (especially if the discomfort is increasing).

Good luck.
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