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My finacee has had stents put in his heart, but it has not worked. They gave him 2 years to live but he has survived. The thing is instead of him having surgery they place stents in his heart. Now they said its not working they said it to late for surgery. I feel that is something they can do. He needed a bypass surgery i think he got scared to do it now it's too late he works and still does evrything normal he's not giving up. Now everyday he's talking about dying i get so angry because i think he has gave up. We have a 2 month son and it hurts so bad. i tell him he's not the only one suffering we are too with him not being in our lives. He says I am in denial i don't think so i just have faith or maybe I am in denial I don't know. Having a heart transplant was a option i thought about but it's very expensive. i don't know what to do. the doctors said there's nothing he can do. Have you ever heard of that I know there is something. He's hurting bad physically but he keeps on going. He's scared and i think it makes him worser when he doesn't visit the doctor everything is okay but when he goes to see him he feel worser. His doctor said he has a dead heart beat what ever that is. He's 40 years of age has anyone been through this I don't know how to or what to do? I just so tired f him talking about dying it makes me so mad. But he can't get stress at all I really need help. We are supose to be married in a couple months.
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replied April 24th, 2008
Stents are usually put on places inside the coronary arteries where there are atherosclerotic plaques that narrow the artery. By-pass surgery is used when there are so many arterial narrows that the whole artery should be replaced with graft, usually a vein vessel. If the heart is very damaged (a lot of myocard replaced with fibrosis, very damaged valves...) by-pass may be useless so only transplantation can help.
Can you give me the precise diagnosis of your fiancee's heart disorder? Did his doctor explain to you why the by-bass surgery is not possible any more? What did the echo-report and coronarography say?
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