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designing for the autistic children

Hi everybody, I am currently a final year industrial design student working on my final year project and I am really interested in designing something for the autistic children. However, to be able to design something useful for these children, I would like to have your valuable inputs on any problems that you encountered whilst taking care of your children.

Also, i thought of an idea but i'm not sure if its feasible enough, hence i would appreciate if you could give me your views on this. I understand that going through puberty is one of the greatest problem parents feared because the child may have a difficult time trying to cope with the changes that they experience.

Hence, I thought of designing a menstrual tracking device that allows parents to know when their child would be having their next period (without the use of a device like the digital clock which is often not accurate) so that they would be more aware if the child suddenly started throwing tantrums cause of pms.

This awareness would allow the parents to better prepare their child for their menstruation, as i understand that some parents would give their child supplements during this period. I understand from a gynae that most parents would actually give their girls a jab so that the period will not come for months, or maybe even opt to take out the uterus.

However, i was wondering if this option could lessen the frustrations and make growing up a less painful process for both the child and the parents? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you guys and i welcome any suggestions!

Do feel free to write me if you have any suggestions!
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replied August 6th, 2010
wow.that would be great news,if you do manage to do this not only would you make a lot of money (and please make it reasonably priced) - everything grates me when it is so heavily price tagged for disability..please let me know..!!! becks
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