im new to this topic and am trying to do some research for my new job supporting people with disablities, i was wondering if someone with experience can give me a run down on what ms is and what people with it ikncluding children like to do.
thank you
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replied June 14th, 2008
MS is one of those diseases that is hard to define. It is so different for each individual.
I first became concerned because of memory, then it became balance.

The most common form of MS is relapsing/remitting. In other words, we will have what is called exacerbations, where something wilkl flare up, but then will go away-sometime in hours, sometimes it takes weeks.
I do know it becomes much worse in the heat. Most people who have had it for any length of time know when to take it easy. When to sit instead of stand ect.

There is a different kind of MS called progressive. I don't know much about this type.

Hope this helps!
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